Largest sprat manufacturer in Europe


There was a problem in representation and digital image of the company on the Internet. It was important to show potential customers what "Gamma-A" Ltd could offer them. Due to the old design and information on the website, the next problems have been formulated:


Gamma-A need a new stylish, informative, and user-friendly website;


Promotion of the company at new markets (USA, China);


Improve brand awareness;


We've come up with the following solutions which satisfied all the company's needs:

  • Developed a new website with all the necessary information for the customers to know more about the company, its products and services. With the new website, "Gamma-A" Ltd managed to enter US and Chinese markets, find new partners and distributors;
  • New navigation made it easy to find and contact the exact branch or relevant specialist of the product;
  • A new evident product list now contains all products, produced by "Gamma-A" Ltd;
  • The website forms a corresponding image of the company and its size, improving brand awareness.

The company "Gamma-A" Ltd. production was established in 1995 with the initial activity of blank metal containers and canned fish distribution. Owning a fishing fleet (total 12 ha of premises) and producing their own packaging helped to ensure the highest quality of the products. Today "Gamma-A" is the largest sprat manufacturer in Europe.

Industry: Sprat manufacturing
Founded: 1995
Countries: 46
Manufacturing capacity: 6m tons


One of the Lithuania's market leaders in transport and logistics industry


Company's client base has doubled in the past two years, making it difficult to manage. This had an impact on sales department's efficiency. Due to the company's growth, the following problems have been identified:


The need of CRM;


The need to establish interconnection between sales and operational departments;

Document management

Too much of paper-based practices and documentation that are costly and difficult to manage;

Due to the expansion of the client base, the number of transport managers has also increased raising a problem of internal human resource management.


  • All-inclusive program which integrates all of the third parties' software (accounting, CRM, operational programs) in a unified software;
  • Additional module that allows to develop some projects in teams;
  • Module which enables the real-time tracking of the current positions of all rolling stock.

UAB RAILANA (Ltd.) is one of the Lithuania's market leaders in transport and logistics industry. Since its launch in 2008, UAB RAILANA (Ltd.) has gained a lot of experience in the field of railway and intermodal freight organisation. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, they offer 60 company-owned carriages to clients and control 360 more. The company's services cover almost whole continent of Eurasia.

Industry: Transport and logistics
Founded: 2008
Countries: 21
Turnover: 16 million (2016)
Volume of transported cargo: 225 000 tonnes per year

NORD lizings

The leader in the field of auto lending for private clients and legal entities in Latvia


A major problem was inefficient allocation of "NORD lizings" Ltd. employees to internal processes of the company (too many people were performing the same process, hence increasing company's expenses). Due to the growth of partner network, the communication has become inefficient. Most of the communication was done via emails and skype, but because the amount of data (documents, agreements, invoices, etc.) has grown exponentially, a new method of data exchange was vital for the company.


We have come up with a comprehensive solution that has satisfied all of the company's needs:

  • Development of the new software that helped to automate internal processes, transferring them to the responsible specialists;
  • Development and integration development of a custom client management system for internal corporate use;
  • Development and integration of the automated system to transfer the data between the partners followed by full support of the system;

Since 2001 "NORD lizings" has become the leader in the field of auto lending for private clients and legal entities in Latvia. In 2013 "NORD lizings" Ltd. acquired a microcredit company and transformed it into a leasing service company. In 2014 the company has worked out a legal framework; expanded the license to receive the right to provide vehicle leasing service; created its own scoring model and IT platform; established broker network. Today the company provides a full range of customer service, from issuing loans to loan execution.

Industry: Auto lending for private clients and legal entities
Founded: 2001
Partners: Bigbank, Citadele, InBank lizings, Aizdevums.LV, UniCredit Leasing, Money Express Credit and Vita Credit


T.G.I Fridays

Rosinter Restaurants Holding (Rosinter) is the leading casual dining chain operator in Russia and the CIS countries


One of the main strategic pillars of T.G.I Fridays is to consistently maintain the satisfaction of there guests through the development of brands and concepts. According to this strategy the company formulated the following priorities that are in need of development for the 2012-2015 plan:


Engagement of potential and existing customers into the core values and the main concepts of the restaurant;


Close communication with customers;


Brand's revitalisation;


We have come up with a comprehensive solution that has satisfied all of the company's needs:

  • Increased the fan-base of T.G.I Fridays Latvia on Facebook (35% increase in page likes);
  • Increased post engagement by 15%;
  • Improved interaction with customers through quicker response to messages, comments, etc.;
  • Provided maintenance of the brand awareness through constant advertising campaigns and contests;
  • Supported audience engagement through constant reminders of the chain's name proclamation"Thank God, it's Friday" (active usage of respectful graphics) trough a retargeting strategy.

Rosinter Restaurants Holding (Rosinter) is the leading casual dining chain operator in Russia and the CIS countries. The Company opened its first restaurant in 1990 in Russia and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers and founders of the modern industry of hospitality in Russia. For more than 20 years Rosinter brands and team have obtained over 45 business and social awards. Key brands are: T.G.I Fridays, IL Patio, Planeta Sushi.

Industry: Dining chain
Founded: 1997
Moto: "Thank God, it's Friday"